PROPRE was founded by the late Mr. Fouad Kassis in 1991. He was ahead of his time in his thinking as he believed in the importance of prevention and health maintenance as opposed to treatment. A new culture of medication in Lebanon was started with PROPRE Droguerie.

Currently, his son, Mr. George Kassis is carrying over his father’s vision which is the stepping stone for further ventures into the field.


PROPRE exists in the Lebanese market for over 25 years now.

PROPRE believes in the importance of promoting health and preventing treatment and offers products made by the world’s top manufacturing countries in food supplements and organic good.

PROPRE’s policy is to provide products and service of the highest quality which fully satisfy our customers’ requirements. Total Quality will be a permanent feature within this company.

PROPRE supplies 3 brands:

• Cell Life International Switzerland (food supplements)
• Health Products Corporation USA (food supplements)
• Good Clean Love U.S.A (Organic/Natural intimate wash)