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Therapeutic effects of vitamin E on cyclic mastalgia

Abstract Cyclic mastalgia is one of the most prevalent disorders among fertile women. To date, hormonal agents, despite their side effects, have been widely used for treatment of this ailment. This study was performed to clarify the therapeutic effects of Vitamin E (Vit E) as a safe treatment for cyclic mastalgia among fertile women. This study was conducted as a double blind clinical trial; 150 women with cyclic mastalgia, referred by three public health centers in Qazvin City in Iran, were enrolled in the trial and randomly divided into two distinct case and control groups; each containing 75 patients. The severity and duration of breast pain were measured according to both the Cardiff Breast Pain Chart and the Visual Analog Scale. Simple, chewable tablets of either Vit E or a placebo were prescribed twice a day for 4 months for case and control participants, respectively. Follow-up was performed at the…

Therapeutic effects of vitamin E on cyclic mastalgia